With is professional trainers, Fit Work gets your company ready for the company games;

  • Formation of the teams,
  • Athlete selection,
  • Providing a training field,
  • Providing basic requirements during the training ( water, ice, first aid supplies etc.)
  • Providing the shirts, bags, etc. materials used during the matches,
  • Provides transportation support for trainings and matches.

Other internal services

  • If requested, Fit Work, may organize internal tournaments for the company (football, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, etc.). It plays an active role in these tournaments from forming the teams to evaluating the results.

Fitness support for your company meetings from Fit Work;

  • Provides trainer support based on the number of participants.
  • Prepares custom exercise programs for the participants.
  • Gives theoretical information about exercise and diet.
  • Organizes contests that develop team spirit.

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