Fitwork, lowers the employment load of your company

  • Meets all the personal rights of Trainers,
  • Performs trainer selection,
  • Ensures trainers have all the necessary certificates,
  • Organizes work hours of the trainers, schedules group and private training courses,
  • Offers private training for very affordable prices,

Fitwork, lifts the operational management burden of the fitness center off of your shoulders

  • Prepares operational reports of the fitness center, presents the user numbers and shortcomings,
  • Inspects the use and maintenance of the equipment,
  • Provides towel service,
  • Provides shampoo and shower gel service,
  • Meets all stationery needs ( advertisement brochures, program cards, etc.).

Fitwork ensures efficient returns on the investment you made for the fitness center

  • Follows and applies all innovations,
  • Offers personal training programs,
  • Makes the most suitable equipment selection and makes recommendations,
  • Ensures group courses are efficient and there are plenty of participants,
  • Performs measurements on company employees before the exercise,
  • Increases the number of uses of the Fitness center.